“Discover The Big Secret That Other Edgewood
Based Restaurant Owners Don’t Want You To
Know About!”
What other residents just
like you are saying about
"Gus's Pizza & Grill"
"Magic & the food"
-Charles Crafton
Edgewood, MD
"Great customer service"
-Ryan Marshall
Edgewood, MD
"Good food & wonderful
service. Very friendly
staff"               -Barbara
Wheeler    Edgewood, MD
"Very friendly, clean!
Great service"
-Mary Horney
Joppa, MD
"Clean, friendly atmosphere,
good food, good prices &
the magic"
-Dawn Bosley
Joppa, MD
What Is The Big Secret? GUS'S PIZZA & GRILL .

Now if you are new to the state of Maryland or have recently relocated into Harford County you may
undoubtedly ask yourself and possibly others this question,
..."What? The Big secret is a

Since you are new to the area, we understand your shock and amazement to find the restaurant called
Gus's Pizza & Grill (That's right, a restaurant!) is "
The big secret Other Harford County Restaurant
Owners Don’t Want You Too Know About
!”. Friend, It’s NOT Your Fault That You Have Been Missing
Out On What
Over 4,000 Harford County Residents Continue To Vote As Their Favorite, # 1 Place To
Eat For 25 plus Years. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF.

Look at the sunny side, Now That The Secret Has Been Reveled To You,
This is your personal invitation
to be one of the thousands of
EXTREMELY SATISFIED customers, you and your family will be happy
you did -

The truth be told, like most businesses there are those select few in every industry that are so good
that their competitors 'Don’t Want You Too Know About them', they actually cringe to think about the
fact that you too will become a loyal customer of this superior place of business.
Gus's Pizza & Grill is
Not just any restaurant!!! Sure there are dozens of 'good' restaurants in Harford County, so what makes
Gus's The Superior place to eat?

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain because

Not even one, no not even one other restaurant in all of harford county has 'food so good' that they are
willing to give you a bold, iron-clad guarantee like we can. We always Deliver fresh, high-quality foods.

Call Us NOW You Will Be Glad You DO (410) 676-0060

Yup, here at Gus's Pizza & Grill, we continue to build on our famous reputation for serving
The Best Food In All Harford County - GUARANTEED!!! The secret to our tasty delights is passion. We
love this stuff. Our staff takes great pride in preparing your cuisine. There is nothing more satisfying
to us than to see your face light-up when you
taste our scrumptious Jumbo Lump Crab Cake or our
fresh, juicy, flavorful fish broiled to perfection.

That anticipation in your eyes when we set before you one of our overflowing
cheese-steak subs or an Italian hogie and how bout our pizza - Honestly...
there is no better.

What are you waiting for, pick up your phone and Get Your Mouth-Watering Crab Dip Pizza delivered
right to your door. Once you have tried us you will be hooked, you too will experience why '

Were else in Harford County can you get a
real cheese-steak pizza, nowhere. Or how bout a hot, fresh
out of the oven, succulent, shrimp scampi pizza, or any of our tasty, deluxe pizzas. Best pizza within 50
miles. We guarantee it.

(and we do mean JUMBO-LUMP, packed with REAL crab meat and not fillers)
Maryland crab cake now (410) 676-0060

Welcome to the home of Gus's Pizza & Grill. Located in the heart of Edgewood's shopping district
(1928B Pulaski Hwy, Edgewood, Md. 21040 / Next to Dunkin Donuts ! Very close to Checkers !
In the Edgewood Commerce Center just doors from Walgreens ! )

Come in & see for yourself, why, we do not have any competition!!! Gus's continues to be synonymous
with great food and good times. Please enjoy our site, then
come dine-in our beautiful dining room and
enjoy the high-spirited, atmosphere of Gus's Pizza & Grill.

(410) 676-0060
Pick-Up, Delivery Or Dine-In
"This is NOT a typo, our food is so good,
we actually guarantee your satisfaction 100%!"
# 1 Place To Eat
For 30 plus Years.
"Your food is great all of the time".
-Rosalie Billings
Joppa, MD
"Food is great"             -Terri
Williams        Joppa, MD
"I liked seeing the children entertained with the magic show. The food was very good. The ordering instructions are unique
(a telephone at each table)...".                                                                                   -Gregory
Furlong                                                                       Joppa, MD
"Best Pizza Within 50 Miles, I Guarantee It"
-Gus Verginakis   (Founder/Owner)
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1928 B Pulaski Hwy. Edgewood, Md. 21040
Hours Of Operation
Monday - Thursday 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Friday - Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Sunday 11:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dining Room - 11:00 AM till 1 Hour Before Closing

(Delivery Orders Stop 1/2 hour Before Closing!)